ABOP offers dance and movement classes for children age 5 to 18 years  as part of a school programme, youth group workshops, young peoples theatre companies and individuals.  Young students are carefully guided through basic exploration of motor skills, musicality and rhythms in a fun and creative environment. As students grow and mature, discipline and the vocabulary of various techniques are introduced through positive and nurturing teaching methods. In an array of disciplines including Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Tap, Contemporary, and Choreography, the program's structure allows students to develop their performance and understanding of dance.  

Kidz Dance 

Being active is important for all ages. As well as improving tour child's fitness ABOP will improve their co-ordination, balance and flexibility. The discipline and concentration leant in Dance and Movement will bring improvement in other area of children lives. 

ABOP welcomes your child to Kidz dance classes. Working with a variety of music types ranging from pop to classical, and moving and responding to different rhythms and recognising these changes. From core exercises your child will learn the fundamentals to improve their timing, rhythm, co-ordination and dance technique. Your child will focus on proper body alignment, basic technique and terminology, musicality and confidence building. These fun classes meet once a week for each genre. 

Classes encourage your child to develop a creative imagination through movement. 


Teen Dance 

ABOP welcomes your child to Teen  dance classes. Classes continue to introduce new techniques and develop skills in a fun and proactive environment. Classes take place once a week for each genre. Beginners welcome. 

TEEN: Classes are for both girls and boys who are eleven to sixteen years. 

Choreos Student Dance Company

This company is for suitable for students who wish to create unique and innovative dance. If you love to choreograph and perform, this is a perfect company for you. 

Email the Artistic Director if you would like to join the company or you would like us to start a company in your area.


Private and group tuition is available. Please contact the office for prices and availability. 

Contact Us

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