Frequently Asked Questions 



How much does a show cost? 

This varies depending on the show. Prices start at £625 and are based on one performance. Teachers go free! There may also be some seasonal discounts but the advice is plan ahead and book early! Many leave it until the last minute when the diaries are already full. 


How do I book a show? 

Contact the office to discuss availability. 


Do you need a stage? 

Not necessarily. Sometimes school stages can be too small. We can assess this during initial enquiries. ABOP can also provide their own Pop Up Theatre and/or perform on the floor. 


What will you need on the day? 

Access to a number of power points. Preferably good access to a ground floor hall and a blackout if possible. 


How long do you need to set up?

We carry a lot of stuff: scenery, props, costumes, lighting and sound equipment so it does take some time to get in. We estimate a minimum of 60 minutes to set up to a maximum of 2 hours, depending on the show, and the same to dismantle and get out.


How many children can watch? 

Up to 300 (max) assuming the hall is big enough. Accommodating higher numbers will depend on the type of performance space.


Are your shows age specific?

We recommend that the shows are suitable for the ages stated, especially where younger children are involved. 


How much space do you need? 

This can differ depending on the show, please contact the office for details. Classrooms are not suitable for any of our shows. 


Are the actors DBS checked? 

No because they don't need to be. Since the merger of the CRB and ISA, the rules have relaxed. Those coming into contact with children just once per week don't need them - which is the case for our actors. Also, they are not responsible for the children - only performing to them - so teachers remain in charge in much the same way as if they were taking children to the Theatre. Within Theatres Arts  the staff/actors are unlikely to have DBS checks anyway. 


Is ABOP just the actors we see? 

No! There is a writer, artistic director, stage manager, choreographer, singing coach, costume and props designer/construction, a production office, driver and a kettle to boil!


Are you insured? 

Yes. ABOP has full Public Liability Insurance and Employers Insurance. However this does not extend to children backstage. For this reason the actors will not be allowed to let the children behind the set, even if the children or young people normally have access to this area.


Do we need to do any preparatory work before the shows?

That's entirely up to you. We offer a full pack of Pre-Show information with suggestions for follow up related classrooms activities. All our shows are completely self-sufficient so can be used as a springboard for a topic. Some schools book, not for the educational value, but for the theatricality of the shows, which is fine by us too!


We have Ofsted the week we want the show. Should we change our schedule?

This is entirely up to you, but schools should not feel any pressure to do so.


Will the actors be the same as the ones who came last year? 

We can't promise this, as our actors work on all our shows and may be booked elsewhere. 


Are the stories real? 



Will you teach our children? 

Not specifically, no. The actors are not teachers at the time of visiting your location. The show may support your teaching and open learning to new and innovative situations.