Creative Associate Philippa Newland, Philippa Newland Photography

ABOP provides the highest standard of theatre performance in a creative environment that is dynamic, challenging and empowering, enabling all young actors  to fulfill their potential. 

Where excellence becomes a habit!  

The Senior Company
11-16 years
Fridays 4.15pm-7.15pm
The Senior Company gives children the opportunity to explore and  reach their creative potential through performance projects. Designed specifically for young people who love drama and wish to develop their performance skills to a high level. 

Participants have the opportunity to develop skills in theatre techniques, including acting, singing, dancing, writing and puppetry.  Groups work towards three productions per year with the support of a professional creative team. 

Through participation in arts activity, young people develop skills that are useful for a career in theatre, but also skills that are transferable to real-life contexts, building confident, articulate young citizens with an active interest in the world around them.

Members of The Senior Company participate in three performance projects per year. 

Winter Project: January - March (Performances March/April)
Spring Project: April - July (Performances July) 
Autumn Project: September - December (Performances December)

Children who participate in a project may automatically continue with the company without auditioning for the next project However, if children miss a project they will be asked to re-audition for the company as places are limited.

Fees for membership of the Senior Company are paid at the beginning of each project,  in full, and in advance. 
Full Membership: £155.50.