With 53,232 performances of 3,398 shows in 300 venues across Edinburgh, the 2017 Fringe included performances in a swimming pool, a boat, a bathroom, a football ground, a tunnel and a racecourse, and featured shows that addressed themes of belonging, identity, grief, Brexit, Trump, fake news, the Syrian conflict, gender and activism.


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The T Rex Musical
Cast 1: (17-22yrs)

Two additional shows for 2019 will be announced in January 2018. 

Ever had that dream where you're performing at the largest Arts Festival on the planet, with like minded young actors passionate about Theatre and Performance? Are you a discerning  parent who would like to provide your son or daughter with an opportunity but don't know where to start? 

Here at The Edinburgh Fringe Experience we can do exactly that.  Each year we take a number of young actors to perform at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August to join hundreds of performers from across the world. 

The Edinburgh Fringe Experience is a participant funded project facilitated by ABOP for talented and passionate young actors who are highly skilled in acting, singing, movement and musicianship, and who wish to pursue a career in the dramatic arts, or have a proven track record of performance skill. Individuals are invited to audition for a number of performance roles to enable them to perform daily for one, two or three weeks during the festival.

Auditions take place in March to April of the preceding year. 

Rehearsals commence in September.

Previews March to July.

A full week of rehearsals late July before departure to Edinburgh at various dates in August. 

For young performers seriously committed to their art and wishing to build performance portfolios for University, Drama and Stage Schools this is an invaluable experience to perform, meet like-minded young artists, professionals and soak up all the Edinburgh has to offer during festival season.

With shows running back to back, with limited get in and get out times, flyering on the Royal Mile and around the city to sell shows The Edinburgh Fringe Experience can solidify a young performers dream of a professional career in Theatre. 

Those wishing to participate will be perform in Edinburgh for eight, fourteen or twenty days weeks with all arrangements regarding rehearsals, performances, production and insurance managed by our team here at The Edinburgh Fringe Experience.  

In 2019 The Edinburgh Fringe will offer three shows for young actors.

Interested young actors will be expected to attend a full days audition 10am-4pm with call backs on the same day. 

Candidates will be required to participate in any of the following sessions:

A solo acting audition.
A group acting audition.
A solo singing audition (musical shows only)
A group singing audition. (all auditionees)
An interview (with parents for under 18's)

Auditions will take place in the following regions.