Tuesday 22 August - Sunday 3 September 2017


The aim of Summer Youth Project is to provide youngsters aged 7 – 18 years with the opportunity to work together with a professional creative team. The thirteen day project culminates in four performances of a full-scale musical under the supervision of a highly skilled creative team all in less than 2 weeks!

The project provides local children with a unique opportunity to take an active interest in the performing arts and is a good foundation for those wishing to further their careers in this field.  As well as being actively involved in the arts, it helps our young cast build confidence,  develop learning skills, unite with a range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds, have fun in an imaginative and creative environment, and of course, make lots of new friends!  Summer Youth Project provides a crucial artistic outlet for children during the summer holidays. Over thirteen days Shaftesbury Arts Centre will come alive to the sound of children, working incredibly hard learning their lines, rehearsing songs and practicing dance routines, all with enthusiasm and dedication that is the ABOP way.

Fees for the Summer Youth Project are £200 per participant including a show t/shirt.
Under £16 per day.

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AUDITIONS: If you would like a leading role please call or email the office to arrange an audition. If you would like to be  in the ensemble also email to check places are still available.

Please note that rehearsal times may vary slightly depending on roles offered.

Tuesday 22 August , 10am-6pm
Wednesday 23 August,  10am-4/6/8pm
Thursday 24 August, 10am-4/6pm
Friday 25 August, 10am-4/6/8pm
Saturday 26 August, 10am-4/6/8pm
Sunday 27 August, 10am-4/6/8pm
Monday 28 August, 10am-4/6/88pm
Tuesday 29 August,  10am-4/6pm
Wednesday 30 August, 10am-6/8pm
Thursday 31 August, 10am-6pm
Friday 1 September, 10am-8pm

Saturday 2 September  
2pm & 7pm
Sunday 3 September  
2pm & 7pm