If you would like to apply to be a college Intern with ABOP or spend your School Placement working with the company please see our current projects below. Graduates looking for 12 month internships please email ABOP.

ABOP OUTREACH - Wiltshire 2015

Site- Get Onboard'

Outreach at ABOP is an important means of connecting our students and tutors to schools and community groups in Wiltshire, allowing them to share their skills and experience through inspirational and engaging projects, delivered locally. In doing so we hope to play an important role and a new generation to participate in and enjoy performance art.

Drama, music and dance workshops are delivered by leading theatre practitioners who use a range of techniques to provide creative performance art, which explores any subject or issue.

Internships and placements are offered to talented dance, drama and music students who are developing professional outreach skills as part of their School Placements, College, or Degree course. Ideal candidates would be those wishing to pursue a career in the Arts.

‘Interns’ spend one week with the company including one weekend prior to the commencement of the project proper, to prepare and workshop a final piece for performance.

Working with a team of professional arts practitioners, students combine professional performance with cleverly crafted education workshops that will be remembered and enjoyed by participants and audience members.

Get Onboard

‘Get Onboard’ is a site-specific piece of performance art exploring the relationship between travel and movement, and how we relate to the people and space around us.

Developed by ABOP for Key Stage 2 the project enables 7-11 year olds to experience a performance conceived in relation to a specific place, therefore re-shaping our conventional notion of performance. Gone are the confines of a concert stage. From pavements to bridges, in fields, on buses, in rivers, and in all weathers! Site specific theatre helps reinvigorate a sense of communal space.

Get Onboard will be devised and performed by the placement/interns in and around Calne, Wiltshire.

Get Onboard Placements

Anything But Ordinary Productions are able to offer ten placements per project during the April to July semester for students committed to performance, music, dance and drama.

Placements run for 7 days from Saturday to Friday inclusive, 9am-5.30pm, and are based in the South West.

Participants are expected to arrive promptly.


It is expected that participants will be fully committed to the creation, and development of a piece of site specific performance art. No previous professional performance experience is necessary but students should have an interest in at least one of the following disciplines: dance, drama, music, choreography, script writing, directing and performance. All participants will be expected to contribute to the creative development and performance of the piece. Students will be expected to devise and work to high standards to enable them to use the experience as part of their artist portfolio. Participants will also be expected to assist in the running of educational workshops associated with the project.

‘Site - Get Onboard’ will be managed by the Artistic Director of ABOP and supported by company staff. Participants will be supervised constantly throughout the project in line with placement objectives.

Project Blog

Students will be expected to diarise their experience, and submit this in the form of a typed blog, within one week of the conclusion of the project.


Students are fully insured during their time with the company. ABOP operates Public and Employers Liability to a limit Indemnity of £5,000,000 and £10,000,000 respectfully.


Participants will be photographed for the project and parents must be wiling to give the relevant permissions. For participants under 18 years surnames will not be used.


Students will be representing the company and as such will be expected to be behave appropriately and not bring the company into disrepute.


Arrangements will be made for Parents and Head Teachers of participants to attend a performance/workshop should this be possible.

Candidates should note that this is a fully immersed performance art project, unsuitable for those wishing to merely stand at the side-lines. Candidates should be proactive, generous and committed individuals wishing to share their creativity with like minded young artists. 


How To Apply

Students should:

1. Apply to the company in writing stating why they feel they should ‘get onboard’ no later than Friday 24th October 2014 as which time a meeting, interview or audition will be arranged. Candidates will be advised of the status of their application within fourteen days of the deadline.

Applications should be in the following format:

(i)  A short ‘selling yourself’ paragraph (no more than fifty words)

(ii)  A one page, A4 document in Arial, font size 10 (typed) supplying more detailed information about you, any previous arts experience and other useful information that would make you stand out from the crowd!

2. Supply all documentation from their educational establishment to confirm the criteria of the placement, dates, and the name of staff member(s) overseeing Student Placements with their letter of application.

3. Candidates under 18 should also supply an accompanying letter from parents, giving adequate permissions with regards to their application.

4. Candidates cannot be considered without all of the above.

Applications should submitted by email to dixapbo@btinternet.c

Please forward with a short covering email titled ‘PLACEMENT 2015’ and include the above information (1-3) as a PDF attachment. 

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