SO Theatre Company

12-21  years

Most professional performers will tell you that their most valuable training came from actually doing! Members of 'SO Theatre' benefit from exactly that, performing a variety of theatre productions as part of ABOP's professional season. A truly unique and invaluable experience which pushes performers to deliver excellence 'SO'  offers performers a creative opportunity to enhance, perfect and develop their craft under the guidance of professional theatre facilitators and mentors.

This elite young actors company, open to those aged 12 to 21 years, welcomes members who are highly skilled in acting, singing, movement and musicianship who wish to pursue a career in the dramatic arts or have a serious commitment to performance. Entry is by audition/invitation only.

Company members are encouraged to discover and explore their unique artistic voices as they work together to create and perform original and scripted work. Authenticity, originality, energy, honesty, enthusiasm... all of their experiences are essential to the process. Through collaboration, company members form a supportive ensemble of young artists in an inspiring environment where they are free to experiment, make bold choices, and take risks. 

Members of The SO Theatre participate in a minimum of three in-house performance projects per year, involving plays, musical theatre, site specific shows, in addition to production work, workshops and touring projects. Company members must remain in the company for twelve months, giving one month's notice after this initial period. Once members have left the company it will be necessary to re-audition to return.

Fees for membership of SO Theatre Company are paid at the beginning of each project,  in full,and in advance. 
Full Membership: £225.00 per term.
One Off Joining Fee: £100

If you would like to know more about the company, arrange for an auditon or invite the Artistic Director to one of your shows as supportive evidence of your suitability please email and tell us all about yourself or touch base by submitting the Contact Form.

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If you have been successful in your audition for SO Theatre please complete the full Registration Process within 24 hours of your offer to secure your place.
Please link to SO Theatre Forms here:

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