Giving young people the healthiest and most effective vocal training.

Vocal workshops are offered for children and young people, on an individual or group basis. Suitable for beginners, those singing for fun or  those with a desire to develop their skill on a long term basis.

Workshops focus on helping singers get the most out of their voices. Our teachers can help improve the ability to hold notes, pitch appropriately and develop your vocal range to it's full potential, as well as helping those with more experience to improve and maintain their technical skill. 

Private Classes 

Whether or not you’ve had training before, there is more to your voice then you even know. We’ll deal with issues of eliminating the break between chest voice and head voice, taking the pressure away to relieve fatigue and developing range and flexibility. Private classes are booked in blocks of six over a continuous period where possible. Duet and Group Sessions also available at discounted rates.

Audition & Festivals or Rehearsal Prep

These lessons will help you to develop your stage presence. We will show you how to interpret lyrics correctly and adapt your movement and expressions to match the style of music you are singing. We will also cover basic choreography, confidence building and how to deal with stage fright and nerves. These sessions are designed to work alongside your technique lessons and are particularly useful if you are preparing for an audition, competition or theatre role.


Drama is proven to help children not only to develop confidence but better reading and writing skills as well.

Speech and Drama classes are lots of fun for children of all ages and are ideally suited to children who prefer not to commit to a company, or perhaps do not have the time.  We will help your child to speak more fluently and develop vital social skills which will stay with them for years to come. Speech and Drama classes do not lead to public performances but students can opt to enter to Arts Festivals or sit exams.

ABOP are happy to arrange private tuition for internal and external candidates wishing to improve their skills.


7-16 years

Individual Tuition 
1 hour  £28 per session
(per student)

Shared Tuition (2 students)
1 hour £40 per session 
(£20 per student)

Shared Tuition (3 students)
1 hour £45 per session
£15 per student)

Please contact the office to check availability for longer sessions.

Audition Prep Intensive

2 Hours 7-11 years £100 per session
2 Hours 11-16 years £150 per session 
2 Hours 16+ years £200 per session

Fees for individual sessions over 2 hours or professional training please email the office with your specific requirements to receive a detailed quote.

Classes encourage your child to develop a creative imagination through movement. 

Being active is important for all ages. As well as improving your child's fitness ABOP will improve their co-ordination, balance and flexibility. The discipline and concentration developed in Dance and Movement sessions will bring improvement in other area of children lives. 

ABOP offers dance and movement classes for children age 5 to 18 years  as part of a school programme, youth group workshops, young peoples theatre companies and private sessions.  Young students are carefully guided through basic exploration of motor skills, musicality and rhythms in a fun and creative environment. As students grow and mature, discipline and the vocabulary of various techniques are introduced through positive and nurturing teaching methods. In an array of disciplines including Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Tap, Contemporary, and Choreography, the programme's structure allows students to develop their performance and understanding of dance.  


ABOP welcomes your child to Kidz dance classes. Working with a variety of music types ranging from pop to classical, and moving and responding to different rhythms and recognising these changes. From core exercises your child will learn the fundamentals to improve their timing, rhythm, co-ordination and dance technique. Your child will focus on proper body alignment, basic technique and terminology, musicality and confidence building. These fun classes meet once a week for each genre. 

Teens (Classes are for both girls and boys who are eleven to sixteen years) 

ABOP welcomes your child to Teen  dance classes. Classes continue to introduce new techniques and develop skills in a fun and proactive environment. Classes take place once a week for each genre. Beginners welcome. 

Private and group tuition is available. Please contact the office for prices and availability.