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DINO Dates can provide Dinosaur lovers with a Life-like animatronic Dinosaur with a fabulous roar, blinking eyes, moving head, tail and mouth. 

Book 'Biteymactinyhands' our fabulous T Rex and create that extra bit of excitement at your party, school, meet & greet, corporate event, launch, festival, prom or.......even your wedding!

Great for end of school year vids, pranks, filming, proposals and much, much more! 

ABOP is a professional Theatre and Production Company committed to nurturing and developing outstanding theatrical works of art, producing the highest quality theatre with the finest artists. ABOP take audiences on a journey beyond four walls, igniting passion and sparking imagination.

The ABOP DINO Dates Team, made up of professional actors, educators and puppeteers from the company love  storytelling and are absolutely crazy about themed events and Dinosaurs!

DINO Dates  provides performance adventures and parties for children and adults and publicity opportunities for corporate, PR and celebration events in the UK.