ABOP offers a bespoke range of theatre-based team building and development training for business leaders and corporate clients. Workshops are designed to help to unlock staff potential and contribute to your success. Ideal for individuals who want to improve their interview prospects and learn new skills, and managers who want to unite and develop their team ahead of an important presentation of training event.

We tailor workshops and courses around your priorities:

Personnal Impact : make real impact on your clients and colleagues.

Communication : convey your message with persuasive conviction.

Team Building : to make 1+1=3 come true.

A Fun Day Out : just to get your team to have fun, relax and learn new skills at the same time

We will ensure to maximise the Learning and Development experience as well as ensuring that everyone's mind will keep buzzing after the event. We fully appreciate that your needs are unique and as such, we will endeavour to tailor a workshop around your objectives while embracing your culture. As actors, it is our work to adapt to situations, set up the context to meet Director's goals.

Inspired by professional theatre and performance techniques, we will help you and your colleagues grow and develop, enabling you to explore ways in which your team can become stronger and more successful in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. YOU WILL experience, participate, interact, create, play and get thoroughly stuck-in to new and exciting exercises which challenge your mind, body, spirit and voice. You will experience the skills we use on a daily basis to learn, develop and perform beyond your expectations.


Working as a team isn't always easy, and there is no reason why it should be. A group of people with different ideas, backgrounds, work ethics, strengths and weaknesses easily generate conflicting ideas of how things should be done and what direction should be followed. This can lead to anything from a bored, uninspired team to a fiercely negative environment.  However, with a little guidance and encouragement outside the office, we can help you embrace these individual differences to build a creative, diverse and vibrant company which others will want to work with.

Communication, Confidence, Creativity and Imagination are some of the areas addressed by Business Workout in our Team-Building workshops and courses. We use Theatre as a foundation to develop a greater understanding of, and communication with, the rest of your group. We will certainly take you out of your comfort zone and encourage you to think, act and perform in new and exciting ways


For that last minute, important presentation we can offer clients two or three hourly intensive sessions immediately before your meeting.  

Contact the office to discuss your requirements.


Have you ever been in the audience watching an incredibly dull or nervous speaker drone on about…what was it now...? 

Have you ever found yourself stood in front of an audience of clients, peers and prospective employers with hundreds or even thousands of eyes watching your every move?

Our personal training can help you overcome your fear or embarrassment of public speaking, to turn you into a confident and vibrant speaker, able to improvise and interact with a live audience in a calm and focused manner, able to control any situation.

Techniques may include:

Breath control, voice and speech. Improvisation and acting. Interaction with a live audience. Use of space, gesture and physicality for communication.



Ever experienced Stage Fright? 

Do you want your team to excel in sales, presentations and events? 

Stage fright is something every actor has experienced many times, but can be easily overcome with the knowledge and experience gained through training and support, enabling you to face your fears.

Relaxation, correct breathing technique, voice and speech exercises,

Acting, improvisation and story-telling,

Visualisation and projection,

Scripts and the development of your 'stage' character.



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