ABOP Young Actors Company present 


by Amanda Whittington

Date Monday 20th July 7pm

Running Time 1 hour 30 mins 

Price Over 18's £10.50 Under 18's £6

Venue: Calne Town Hall 
Suitability: Over ten years

Our View: This Show is not suitable for younger Primary School children. However, possibly okay for those over who are familiar with Theatre etiquette and mature enough to deal with the subject matter. ABOP reserve the right to refuse entry.

This is an -in-house' productions for those who have previously supported or are involved with the YAC, cast or friends.



A pregnancy tale of hope, friendship and survival against the sparkling sounds of the 60's.

Set in a Mother and Baby Home in 1964, the play follows the fortunes of Mary Adams, aged 19, unmarried and seven months pregnant. Forcibly sent there by a mother intent on keeping up appearances, Mary - along with the other girls in the home - has to cope with the shame, isolation and dawning realisation that she will give up her baby for adoption wether she likes it or not. Despite this - and an overbearing Matron - the girls youthful effervescence will keep breaking through, as they sing along to girl-group songs of the period. 

"You don't have to be young, female or unmarried to find this play intensely moving......" 







Mary Lydia West

Mother Leanne Wallace
Matron Charlotte Bennett

Queenie Natalie Marsden

Pamela Erin Jones

Dolores Royah Doherty

Norma Verity Shah



Dix Aston

Musical Director
Gaz Williams