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Rehearsals will take place as stated on the Anything But Ordinary Productions website. Children will need to be available throughout the entire period until the last performance. There will also be additional staging rehearsals which children must attend. It will be very difficult to accommodate children who cannot attend the full schedule. However, if your child is interested in performing and there are date conflicts please note all absences, late arrivals or holidays below and we will look at each case carefully. However we cannot promise to accommodate everyone.


We communicate with parents in a proactive manner, any parent found to abusing staff will be asked to remove their child immediately. We contact parents via personal email addresses, but if this may be a problem please indicate your preferred choice of communication.


It is imperative that students and parents are honest and open with regard to student health. All ongoing illnesses related to participants must be declared before audition registration. This includes physical and mental health issues., both current and historic. A participant’s emotional state should also be taken into consideration. ABOP does all it can to accommodate and support young people within the remit of Youth Theatre. However, students must be able and willing to participate fully in all three disciplines to the high standards required and the energetic and often fast paced and noisy environment in which rehearsal take place. Parents will be asked to withdraw their children if information is not declared and shared at a later date.

I understand that should my child be offered a place in the company or role in a show I will be required to agree to the ABOP Student Behaviour and Health Policies.

By submitting this form I understand that my submission does not guarantee my child a place in the company or role in a show.

To act as a reminder for staff some sections of the audition class will be recorded.