Please choose one monologue.
There will be song and script sheets at the auditions for all children.

No.... no please! I don’t want a new one. This locket, my Mom and Dad left it... when they left me at the Orphanage. And a note too. They’re coming back for me. I know I’m real lucky, being here with you for Christmas. But... the one thing I want in all the world... (crying) is to find my mother and father. And to be like other kids, with folks of my own. 

Shut up Molly! Can’t anybody get any sleep around here? Don’t feel sorry for HER. We’re the one’s who aint getting any sleep! And quit telling me to pipe down. You’re just beggin’ for a black eye pal!

Daddy Warbucks (Annie’s adoptive father)
Been away six weeks. Where is everybody? Hello! Ah... it’s good to be home. The flight wasn’t too bad. Only took eleven hours and we had to land four times. Now, first thing’s first. Has the painting arrived from Paris? Let me see it before they hang it. And any messages? Ahh... the president. I’ll get back to him tomorrow. Anyone else?

Miss Hannigan:

Ah ha! Caught ya! I hear ya! I always hear ya! Get up! All of ya! Well, is this the way you say good- morning? So what if it’s four o-clock in the morning. That’s your problem. Now what do you say? Tell me how much you love me. Ahhh...... Rotten orphans! Alright... for all of this one’s shenanigans the rest of you’ll be scrubbing the floors. Strip them beds too for the laundry man. Get up... get up!!! Put them things away. Time to rise and shine!

Rooster (Miss Hannigan’s conniving brother)
Sure enough. The finally let me out. This time some old geezer said I swindled him out of eleven hundred bucks??? Why did he say I swindled him out of eleven hundred bucks? Cuz.... (with pride) I swindled him out of eleven hundred bucks. But I’m not about to sit here while some crummy orphan is living in the lap of luxury and the two Hannigan kids have ended up on the skids. I got a plan.

Lily (Roosters girlfriend)
Hi. I’m Lily St. Regis from Jersey City. You know, like the hotel. I’m named after it! So you live in this dump? The city may foot your bill but this aint exactly Buckingham Palace. (she laughs) Your pearls aint even real. Rooster? I thought you said your big sis was livin’ in clover? She’s living’ in the skids!

The Dog Catcher

You folks see any stray dogs run through here? There’s been a report that a swarm of ‘em are in the area. Some of ‘em are pretty vicious I’ve been told. You folks had better clear the area until we can round ‘em up and bring ‘em to the pound.


Hey you, little girl.... Come over here. That dog there, haven’t I seen him running around the neighborhood? Ain’t he a stray? You say he’s your dog? Hmmmm. So what’s his name? Sandy, huh? Okay. Let’s see him answer to his name. Call him by his name and if he comes to ya then maybe he is your dog. But the next time I want to see him with a leash and a license, understand?