Trinity Centre

Declared redundant in 1974 Holy Trinity Church re-named Shaftesbury Trinity Centre is situated in the centre of a grassed area. Trinity is a beautiful church and tower with views over the town and Blackmore Vale. Newly refurbished with further development almost complete. Trinity has a lift too access the rehearsal room on the first floor and a small waiting area outside the rehearsal room. Trinity is ABOP's Young Actor's Programme base and fringe venue.


ABOP often use the hall in Trinity as a rehearsal and theatre space. With the use of ABOP's mobile theatre kit Trinity is a perfect fringe theatre venue. 

Please click here for directions from the main car park, Bell Street to Trinity.

Please ring the bell to the left of the door frame if you require access to the building. Access is on the opposite side of the building to the red car seen above, adjacent to the road. 

There is no parking around the building, this is for private residents only. A security gate is in place with no vehicular access. There is foot access. Please park in the Bell Street Car Park, 5 minutes walk 

Address: Trinity Centre, 6 Bimport, Shaftesbury SP7 8BW.

Shaftesbury Arts Centre 

Established in 1957 in the old covered market in the centre of the town. Shaftesbury Arts Centre is used for rehearsals and some young actor's company shows throughout the year. 

There is no parking adjacent to the building. Please park in the Bell Street Car Park, 2 minutes walks away. 

Address: Shaftesbury Arts Centre, 13 Bell Street. Shaftesbury SP7 8AR