Performed in 140 countries in 50 languages The Vagina Monologues has become less a theatrical phenomenon and more an evangelical crusade.

Often a touchy subject, one that can make both sexes feel uncomfortable, it goes without saying that it isn’t exactly family viewing, but for an evening spent with friends, it’s a fantastic piece of 'theatre' which will certainly have chins wagging afterwards.

 The monologues form a comprehensive guide to all things vagina, recounting interviews from a broad spectrum of women, aged 18 to 80. Stories of personal experience are interspersed with quick fire questions, and the performance certainly does not lack for unabashed and honest humour.

In equal parts......hilarious and educational......the performance has audiences guffawing away at one moment, and then feeling a pang of sadness the next. 

Fitting for men and women, the performance feels like a support group for vaginas; a chance for the women to get their seldom discussed lady issues off their chest.   Most of the audience I'm sure will relate to the sense of freedom that comes with opening up on such a sensitive topic, often swept aside. 



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