SO Theatre succeed in drawing out astoundingly professional performances from young actors in extrordinarily short time scales. They work the youngsters hard and accept no slacking, but the loyalty and enthusiasm they inspire in them is enormous.

My own teenage daughter lives for Sundays when she can spend the entire day with her preferred family!

Jules Horn

I would like to say how wonderful 'SO theatre' is. My daughter (like many other teenage girls) suffers with her self esteem - always thinking everyone else is better than her. 'SO theatre' has given her a chance to SHINE! It is so well organised and the performances are AMAZING and so professional! 

My daughter really feels she has a place in the world and 'belongs' thanks to this wonderful group.

Vicki de Villiers

I am so impressed with the level of professionalism from those involved in SO Theatre. It is rare to find a theatre company that tackles more gritty and challenging pieces of work for under 18s whilst handling the subject matter so respectfully. SO Theatre offers the young actors a chance to really develop their acting range and vocal skills and do to so in a safe and nurturing environment.

Amie Richmond

I can't speak highly enough of ABOP's youth theatre classes. Having been part of the Young Actors Company I know just how much fun and laughter there is to be had alongside creating some impressive theatre.

The teachers, Di and Gareth, get the very best out of every student. They're supportive, professional, caring ... and will make you work your butt off! But those tiring hours of rehearsals are easily forgotten when suddenly after weeks you can hit that note, or you've finally nailed that scene, and when a show is finished to such a high standard. It truly is a wonderful group to be a part of!

Lydia West Undergraduate Bristol University

ABOP Young Actors Company & So Theatre Company. ABOP Professional Company (2016...)

ยท       Towards the beginning of 2015 I made attempts to find a drama/theatre group in my local area for my daughter to attend. Diana from 'Anything but Ordinary Productions' replied to me promptly to provide me with details. She was very informative and I could tell from the outset that she was a very professional woman that took her work seriously.

ยท       When my daughter started at the theatre class she was made to feel extremely welcome, as was I. My daughter had just developed a stammer which was affecting her confidence, particularly in school. I explained this to Diana as I thought it may pose a problem in my daughter becoming a performer. I couldn't have been more wrong. Diana reassured me that the classes would help my daughter develop her confidence and that she could even provide her with strategies to manage the stammer. I was amazed when this was proved after just a few weeks. My daughter loved every lesson and was always keen to return each week. Diana was always so dedicated to the class, going above and beyond each week to make sure that the children made good progress as well as having a fun time and building friendships.  

ยท       I would most certainly recommend Diana to anybody looking for a professional, hard working, dedicated teacher. 

ยท       Lauren Yates (mum of Freya) 


This is a bit late but I'd like to congratulate everyone for two fantastic performances at the Shaftesbury Fringe, you made me laugh, cry and enjoy a Sunday I'll never forget. Absolutely well done to all of you. 

Yes. I agree. Fantastic performances. You lovely lot x

Huge congratulations go to the whole cast of 'Like A Virgin' and 'Spring Awakening'. Wow Wow Wow so professional but you also brought in some great humour ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘. You had me crying and laughing today. Some powerful performances guys.

Amazing. Nothing more I can say.
Brilliant show last night, guys!!!

"Thank you very much for a very enjoyable and thought provoking evening last night. I'm very impressed that a play that deals with such complex issues was performed with great sensitivity and conviction. Please pass on my thanks to the whole cast."


"It was fantastic and I can't wait to see it again tonight. I'm becoming a Spring Awakening groupie. 

We absolutely loved it.... amazing, emotional and seemless. We shall have to follow you on tour I think! 

"What a wonderful show amazing very talented kids!" 

"They were fantastic."

"Sorry I didn't get to say a massive well done!!!! It was sooo good I was in tears with emotion too! They are awesome!" 

"Well done for last night. I thought they were superb. Good luck for the final shows!"

"Had a fantastic time at Wootton Bassett Theatre watching Spring Awakening. What an extremely talented bunch of youngsters simply fabulous!!!!! Well done everyone involved."

"Yeah, it was brilliant. Everyone was amazing!"

"Spring Awakening was so good! Cried a few times, just a few haah! Well done everyone and break a leg for tonight!" 

"Amazing! Just Amazing! Brilliant!" 

"The professionalism of a group of teenagers or even not quite teens to handle such topics with such sensitivity and at times humour was actually extremely moving and even breath taking. Covering so many topics that we never as parents or friends want to consider our loved ones facing or battling through. I thought each and every one of the cast was an absolute star, no one person stole the show, you were all believable. So, thank you to all of you, cast and crew. I like to think as a mum I am open and honest about the facts of life but the play still gave me pause for thought, moved me to tears and made me laugh out loud. Thank you again.Truly AMAZING."