Declaration Form (under 18's)

I have read the Student Handbook and I am aware of ABOP Young Actors Behaviour Policies.


I have read the Student Handbook and I am aware of ABOP Youth Theatre and Young Actors Theatre Photograph/Video Policies.

Permission for my child (under 18 yrs only) to be photographed/filmed for ABOP publicity purposes.

I understand that photographs/videos previously taken of my child will remain in publicity, on websites, social media and may continue to be used for publicity etc. but no further photographs will be taken if at any time permission is withdrawn in writing.

I have read and understood the conditions of use and I am also aware of the following: • Websites can be viewed throughout the world and not just in the United Kingdom where UK law applies.

SO Theatre and Hourglass Theatre: I understand that ALL members of the company will be photographed and this is a requirement.

It is imperative that parents of young actors in the Junior, Senior, SO Theatre and Hourglass Theatre Companies are honest and open with regards to student health. All ongoing illnesses related to participants must be declared before registration. This includes physical and mental health. ABOP does all it can to accommodate and support young people within the remit of Youth Theatre. However, parents will be asked to withdraw their children if a lack of declaration places students or staff at risk or limits participants involvement in all areas of rehearsals.

By submitting this form I accept the Terms and Conditions stated within the Enrolment and Declaration Forms, the Student Handbook and during Audition sessions.


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