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Once you have been advised that a place is available fees are due. Payable online, in full and in advance.
Please note that places cannot be secured until all four stages of the process has been completed. If you are a school, charity of government agency responsible for payment of fees for a young person under 16 years please contact the ABOP office by email. We will require formal notification and full details to assess if participation and payment procedures are acceptable. 
Once you have been settled fees these cannot be refunded, even if the course has not commenced or you decide to withdraw or your child is excluded mid term.  However, should the course be cancelled fees will be refunded in full.
Fees paid for auditions may be due for certain projects.

1. Choose the session/project/company you wish to join.
2. Contact the ABOP office to establish if there is a place available or to book your audition.
3. Complete the online Enrolment Document (one form per participant)
4. Complete the online Declaration Document (one form per participant) 
5. Please declare by separate email any ongoing mental or physical health issues as requested on the forms above. Please note that places will be at risk if information is not declared, and students will be excluded from sessions/projects/or young actors companies if parents or guardians are found to be keeping vital information private. This includes mental heath related issues, as well as physical illness and serious historic illness requiring long etc treatment. .  
6. Please settle fees via our secure online service by paypal or credit/debit card. Please choose your group/company by clicking on the relevant option. 


7. If you are enrolling more than one participant please settle fees at the same time by clicking 'continue shopping'.
8. Once your Fees have been settled you will receive a confirmation email from ABOP to acknowledge your enrolment.