There are many unique and special roles in Anne jr. Some focus on singing, others on dancing and some very important parts are strictly acting parts. Since 'Annie'includes some characters that are children and some that are adults  there will be larger roles available for older actors.

Singing, Drama, Dance Teachers: if you would like to recommend students for The Junior or Senior Company please email the ABOP office copying in the parents of the child concerned. We cannot consider children without parental approval. 

If your child would like to audition for the ensemble he/she won't need to learn anything for the audition, but it would be useful and fun if they listened and sang along to the songs in preparation. 

If your child would like to audition for any of these roles they will be asked to do the following:
1.Choose one song for the Audition and be prepared to sing it in a group and as a solo. Song information here
2. Choose one monologue for the audition and be prepared to perform it if asked. Monologue information here
3. Remain until 1pm on the addition date. 

There will be song and script sheets at the auditions for all children.


Annie: Confident touch, street-wise kid. Sometimes aggressive. Independent, crafty, needy, motherly, caring. Vocally strong actor, singer and dancer.

Lead Orphans with speaking parts.
Strong singers and dancers. Must have the ability to have mischievous fun with one another. 

Molly: 6 yrs. The tiniest. Frightened (looks to Annie for mothering)
Kate: 7 yrs. Next smallest.
Tessie: 10 yrs. Most emotional. Cries or laughs easily. Her phrase is "O my goodness, O, my goodness."
Pepper: 12 yrs. Toughest. Stands up for herself and defends everyone.
July: 13yrs. Quietest.
Duffy: Tallest, most mature.

Miss Hannigan: The villainous director of the orphanage. Must play comedy well. More mature voice. Has to change character from being mean to falsely loving in a split second. Likes to think of herself as a diva. 

Grace Farrell: Well dressed. Private Secretary to Oliver Warbucks.

Oliver Warbucks: Billionaire.

Rooster Hannigan: MRS. HANNIGAN’s brother. Flashy. Self-assured. Moves smoothly in a gangster way. Wide vocal range. Must be able to play off of LILY. They are a team. Comedy role with Brooklyn accent. Singer, dancer.

Lily St. Regis: ROOSTER’s girlfriend. Looking good and money are all that matter to her. Also wide vocal range. Comedy role with Brooklyn accent. Singer, dancer.


Mansion Staff- Must all be strong singers.

Drake: English Butler. Head Servant, should be tall enough to cary Annie. 

Cecille & Annette: French Maids. Dancers and strong singers.

Mrs Greer: Head Housekeeper
Mrs Pugh: Cook
Bundles & McClosskey: Laundry man. Character actor.
Apple Seller, Dog Catcher: Few lines.
Sandy: Dog.
Lt. Word: Policeman.
Star To Be: A young Grace Farrell. Solo in NYC.
Usherettes: Small solos in NYC.
Bert Healy: Head of the Oxidant Radio Show. He's a scene stealer. he has to be number one.
Bert Healy's Girls: Three harmonizing voices on his radio show.
Radio Announcer: Has to have professional sounding speaking voice and manner.
Sound Effects Man: Must be able to handle old fashioned sound effect props. 
President Roosevelt: Must look mature, be comfortable in a wheelchair and be able to imitate President Roosevelt's mannerisms.
Louis Howe: President Roosevelt's assistant.


We will be casting a small group of dedicated dancers. If you already attend dance classes and LOVE to dance this my be the role for you. 



Chauffer, Servants, Orphans, New Yorkers: The Annie Jr. ensemble has several big musical numbers to learn including: Hark Knock Life, I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here, N.Y.C., You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile and Tomorrow. There will be additional opportunities to assign special parts and staging as we work our way through rehearsals.