The ABOP Young Actor’s Programme is designed to promote confidence and personal growth in children, by taking them through an entire theater/production process. We hope to build self-confidence, self-discipline and responsibility. We ask parents and children to respect the entire process. Every aspect is integral to the production, whether your role is large or small, or whether you are assisting behind the scenes.

Casting can be the most difficult and challenging part of the process. It is important to encourage children to embrace whatever role they get. If they have not been given their coveted role, it is sometimes not immediately evident to a child the potential the role they have been given has for them. Every child cannot play the same role. We make every effort to give each child a part that suits their needs and abilities and will enable them to shine and meet the standards we expect.

When we cast a show, we use several criteria to determine the role they eventually receive. 

The child’s experience and confidence level.

The child’s ability to perform the part (reading lines, singing, acting etc.) 

The 'FIT': Does the child fit the needs of the role, as the Productions see it.

As we consider these variables, there are no steadfast rules in the casting process.  We must make judgment calls to try to benefit each child and the production.  For children who participate in many productions, we are able to help them grow from small roles to bigger roles, if they so desire. Some children prefer smaller roles or ensemble.  Some children may not audition in the same way they perform at home.  In these cases, we will see their potential in the workshop and hopefully use it for the next production if now is no the right time. 

As parents, you have an important role in this process. Please reinforce to your child the importance of every role, and the satisfaction that comes with participating in the production process. If your child is disappointed, it is important that you listen, be compassionate, and continue to reinforce the value of the role they receive. It is natural for parents to feel disappointment for their children.  However, please do not instigate frustration and disappointment in your child. Please demonstrate to your child that acknowledging the successes of others does not take away from their own success.

While children listen to the music on our website or watch youtube videos please remind them that there are still many smaller roles that will be given out as we begin rehearsing the show and at times stage shows are slightly different to their films partners.

In the interest of fairness, abilities and blocking lines may be divvied up differently than they are in the productions you are watching. Every child will not have the same number of lines, but we will try to highlight each child’s individual talents. 

Theater is about community and every cast member is important to the final production.  We recognize how important this experience is to your child and we will respect them and give them our very best!  Most importantly, encourage your child to have fun and enjoy watching them grow in this experience!


These auditions are for shows outside the normal company 'termly' show and may be offered on occasion for age appropriate roles within other shows or projects. 

These may be 'Open Auditions' where anyone can attend, or 'Closed Auditions' where a child will be  invitation to attend by an ABOP Director.

Children will need written permission, by email to attend. If the audition is off site they will need to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who must remain onsite throughout the audition.  

Once the audition has taken place parents will be emailed with the Director's decision. 

Absolutely  no discussion will be entered into as to any casting decision.