Please be aware that if ABOP are in rehearsal the office may not be manned. 
Please email in the first instance providing a telephone number if you would prefer to chat in real time. One of our team will get in touch within a few hours. 


We aim to handle our communications with the Press in a professional, reliable manner, showing a high degree of openness and enthusiasm. If you are a member of the Press and would like you to attend a performance we encourage you to purchase a ticket and have the 'true' theatre experience, along with our audience. Remain for the entire show,  chat to the cast afterwards, and the audience, even the Creative Team if you can find them (start in the bar). Theatre performance isn't a solo gig, it's a shared experience. Invest in it! So join the discussion, participate in the conversation, debate the good and the bad, and if after that you wish to write a review and publish then go paid for your ticket, you saw the show..... you've a right to an opinion. 

If you would like further information with regard to any of our projects please contact the office by email.